Enjoy savory Mizutaki (Chicken Hot Pot) in Osaka

At Hanamidori, enjoy our special rich chicken stock soup, containing our premium chicken which is the essence of its flavor. It becomes even richer and more savory the longer it is cooked together with the other ingredients in the nabe (hot pot).
A new dimension of Mizutaki’s delicious taste can be experienced when it is dipped in and eaten with our original sweet-and-sour ponzu sauce. Our kimono-wearing staff expertly guide you through this Nabe experience by carefully preparing and cooking the food right in front of you.

About the Restaurant

“Mizutaki” is a staple of Japanese Nabe (hot pot) cuisine. The quality of the of the chicken at Hanamidori is fundamentally important in our Mizutaki (chicken hot pot) in which both the meat and soup stock is meant to be enjoyed, which is why we have bred our own brand of poultry at “Hanamidori” in order to provide the best Mizutaki experience possible. Hanamidori has 4 convenient locations in Osaka.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant Name】Mizutaki Ryotei Hakata Hanamidori (水炊き料亭 博多華味鳥)
【Locations】4 locations in Osaka
【Closed】Varies according to location (please check at the time of request)
【Smoking】Smoking prohibited during lunch hours. Permitted during dinner hours.
【Menu】Available in English and Chinese
【Dress Code】None


【Reservations】Reservations required
※Payment via credit card or Paypal from the official website required at least 3 days before the date of the reservation.
【Payment Method】
※Payment for reserved courses with a credit card is required.
※Any additional orders made for food or drink at the restaurant are to be paid for at the restaurant after the meal.


【Category】Nabe Cuisine
【Location】Osaka, Umeda, Kitashinchi, Hilton Plaza West, Shinsaibashi
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